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About me.

I'm Tanja Mastroiacovo, Conservator-Restorer of Cultural Heritage. I'm a freelance researcherteacherartist and cultural promoter with international experience.

My motto is “Creation, Training, Research”, expresses my constant commitment to the knowledge, dissemination and protection of culture and art, at all levels.

I offer services of specialized training in the field of arts, artistic techniques and culture, services of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage with specialization in different materials, professional consulting and analysis of conservation problems of collections and creation of singular artworks with different supports and techniques.

I'm Doctor with International Mention in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, with Master's and Bachelor's degrees in the same field of specialization. I worked at the university level and now as a freelancer between Italy, Spain and Mexico in the fields of cultural heritage, art, training and research.


2016 - 2021


International Mention

Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)

PhD in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage with research experiences applied to international case studies. I delve into the resolution of problems of analysis and understanding of the conservation status of collections with a minimum investment of resources.


Master's Degree

Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)

Master in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage with final research in organic matrix mortars for the reproduction of ornamental elements exposed to the elements. Participation in research and training projects: science, art, research and innovation focused on conservation and intervention in Cultural Heritage.


Erasmus International Exchange

School of Art and Higher Studies for the Conservation of Painting (León, Spain)

A scholarship for an international exchange semester that focuses on easel painting. Developing and deepening of interventions in painting on panel, painting on copper, gilding, artistic techniques.

Development of the bachelor's thesis: historical-artistic, delving into the birth and development of the altarpiece and its characteristics from the origins to the Renaissance and technique with the intervention project of a painting on panel.


Bachelor's Degree

G.B.Cignaroli Academy of Fine Arts (Verona, Italy)

Bachelor's degree with specialization in different materials: Easel Painting, Mural Painting, Polychrome Sculpture, Stone Materials, with training in Diagnostics, Microclimate Physics, Biology, Chemistry of Cultural Heritage focused on each Heritage material. Tradition, Science and Conservation.

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