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In her pictorial production, she materializes her own psychic dimension, constructing scenes where the being is manifested in its entirety, broken down into nuances of subtle symbolic references between the subjects represented.


Like a snapshot taken in secret of the events that govern eternity, her works are windows into the interior of being.

Made through different techniques, among which acrylic on MDF stands out as the preferred medium, her painting has developed towards a metaphysical pop surrealist dimension.

Symbols and semantic constructions derived from an enhancement and syncretic relationship of different cultures generate a visual discourse rich in meaning, where no detail is left to chance.

A dialectical game between the classical and the profane that seeks to structure the semantics of creatures and symbols from different cultures and contexts, while investigating the mutual connections between the self and the collective dynamic.

A window through the soul that is directed to the generation of reflections of a universal type. Interpreting and reaffirming the search for meaning and belonging of being, through the investigation and construction of images.

In the spaces of her paintings the symbol revives, in a timeless, constant and forgotten dialogue, with everyday events. A visual medicine that drives the exit towards the irrational, far from being understood as madness and loss of meaning. Here the irrational is constituted as a search for balance and connection with the intangible, in an attempt to liberate from the rules of reason, to recover fragments of our original dimension.


In the latest projects, a growing drama stands out, coupled with surreal notes reminiscent of pop. The space, solitary, suspended in a metaphysical dimension, is inhabited by small elements, animated by a chromatic type tension that communicates an apparent peacefulness of the elements, gathered here before an imminent explosion.

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