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Part of the research and artistic production finds expression through weaves of threads and fibers, important materials of one's personal roots, aimed at generating elements of crochet reflection, reinterpreted in a contemporary key.


Here the fabrics embark on a journey beyond the domestic hearth, wearing the clothes of symbols from everywhere, read in a universal key.


It is giving voice to the unspoken dreams of the weavers who linked thoughts, confessions, dreams to the rapid dance of the fingers around the threads, the only custodians of their intimacy.


A perspective part of the learning transmitted by women through history, culture and works, a central element of ancient life that can dialogue with contemporary human beings generating important personal reflections, new meanings and teachings.


"Cosmic Seed" (2023), 1st International Yarn Bombing Festival 2023, Cologne (Germany).

"Wheel of Samsara" (2022), Yarn Bombing Day Milan 2022, Milano Lambrate (Italy).

"Huehuetéotl" (2021), Yarn Bombing Day Milan 2021, 2022, Milano Lambrate (Italy).

"Deer woman mask" (2019), Yarn Bombing Day Trivento (Campobasso, Italy).

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